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Peel and Stick Labels - Selecting the Right One for Your Needs

Stickers are adhesive pieces of vinyl placed on a surface to hold writing, pictures, designs, and other images. They can be permanent or temporary and can come in different shapes and sizes. A sticker is a sort of label: an actual piece of paper, cloth, plastic, or other similar substance with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one end. They are primarily used for decorative purposes or practical applications, depending upon the occasion.

Labels can come in different shapes and sizes to suit many different purposes. Some stickers are used to display address labels while others can be used to decorate gift bags, books, and other products. Still, other, more obscure uses include using stickers to label machinery parts to prevent theft or for identification purposes. Most of us are familiar with standard vinyl labels. These are long, thin pieces of paper that can hold almost any kind of information. In addition, they can be peeled off and attached to another document without ripping or tearing.


A typical business or product label contains the name and address of the manufacturer, a product description, the manufacturer's name, and a list of the materials used in the production of the product. In addition, some stickers also contain a description of the product, its function, and other important information. Stickers are generally used to decorate surfaces, to mark the surface of something, to display something or an object, and to decorate a container.


Vinyl stickers have become popular as a decorative and organizational medium. The most common uses for stickers are to add text or graphics to a surface, like a piece of scrapbook paper, clothing label, luggage tag, or product label. Some stickers are also used to decorate a container. One example is the peel and stick "holidays" decal.

This is a free website created with hPage.com.